Seven 4th of July Cake and Dessert Ideas for Patriotic Holiday Celebration

There is nothing like those annual 4th of July flag cakes, ice creams, and patriotic desserts galore eaten outside with a sparkler in hand.

This celebration comes only once a year and attention deserves to be paid. To get the patriotic juices flowing, here are some easy and delicious 4th of July dessert ideas. 

1. Sprinkle-Dipped Ice Cream Cones

Fancy Sprinkles Ice Cream

Source: Photo by @__bellabakes

Ice cream cones. A backyard classic. Dip each cone rim in melted Easy Candy (red, white, and blue to keep things festive), and then top with Firecracker, Miss Americana, or Golden Eagle sprinkles.

Voila! A most patriotic 4th of July ice cream cone. Don’t forget to top off the ice cream with a few more sprinkles, just for good measure

2. Red White & Blue Easy Candy-Dipped Strawberries

Fancy Sprinkles Ice Cream

Source: Photo by @the.berryhouse

These are as delicious as they are easy (and are a crowd favorite for a good reason). Dip fresh strawberries in red, white, and blue Easy Candy™. Swap colors to make fun designs, and finally add the finishing touches with a patriotic sprinkle blend.

3. 4th of July Flag Cake (on a Stick)

Source: Photo by @bakedbyprecious 

Red, white, and blue cake on the 4th of July is as much of a staple as the fireworks. The beauty of this easy patriotic dessert is that you can use any shape of mold you fancy.

First, melt red, white, and blue Easy Candy™. Squeeze each color into a different part of the mold, and distribute around the sides and edges with a decorating brush. Push the cakesicle sticks into their slots. Let sit until Easy Candy™ hardens (about 5-15 minutes, depending on amount used).

Once hardened, add your desired filling. This can be cake, cake pop dough, mashed oreos, etc. Top off with more Easy Candy™ and allow to harden again.

Add touches of Edible Gold Leaf and a dusting of Prism Powder for a signature wow-factor.

4. Firework S’mores

Source: Photo by

Few things in life are as satisfying as freshly roasted s’mores in summer. Enhance roasted marshmallows and gooey chocolate bars with your favorite patriotic sprinkle blend.

5. Boozy Jello Shot Popsicles

Source: Photo by @joscakes

Make room in your 4th of July treats for the jello shot in its fifth year of undergrad.

Add Sapphire Blue Prism Powder and liquor into your jello mix. Stick the popsicle sticks in each slot of a mini cakesicle mold and fill with jello mixture. Allow to set.

Finish off with a final dusting of Diamond White Prism Powder and NASA patriotic fancy sugar. Around now, you may start wishing you had thought of this in college.

6. Patriotic Oreo Pops

Source: Photo by @thebebecakes

Sometimes the easiest 4th of July desserts are the most rewarding. Spread red, white, and blue Easy Candy™ in a round silicone mold. Allow to set, and then place a whole oreo (or desired filling) in each of the four circles. Cover with more Easy Candy™ and set aside to harden.

Drizzle with remaining Easy Candy to drizzle and top with Firecracker, Miss Americana, or Golden Eagle patriotic sprinkles.

7. Classic 4th of July Cupcakes

Source: Photo by

This is the little black dress of 4th of July cakes and desserts. You can never go wrong with red, white, and blue cupcakes sprinkled with patriotic love.

Wherever your Independence Day festivities and treats take you, be prepared for anything and everything with red, white, and blue Easy Candy™ and patriotic sprinkles.

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