8 Brunch Drink and Dessert Ideas to Upgrade Your Next Boozy Brunch Party

The first meal of the day is the most important, which is precisely why it deserves a little more pomp and circumstance than it usually receives — especially from adults. (It’s not always easy opting for breakfast over an extra 15 minutes of sleep).

If you’re anything like us, weekend brunch is your happy place, and there’s no such thing as “too many mimosas.”

Whether you’re looking for easy brunch food items to refresh your weekend routine, or you want breakfast and brunch ideas to make the next one even more memorable, we’ve got you.

Here are our top eight brunch drink and dessert ideas for springtime get-togethers:

1.  Dipped donut holes

Glazed Doughnut Holes

Source: Photo by Tai's Captures

Mmmm, donuts dipped in sweetness. Plain, powdered or glazed, it truly does not matter when you choose dessert for breakfast.

Roll donut holes in Prism Powder®,to cover them in vibrant edible glitter, or dip them in Easy Candy™ first followed by sprinkles and a dusting of Prism Powder®.

2. Bridgerton-style Shortstacks on a Stick

Inspired by a Pinterest post of Pancakes on Skewers, we can’t help but think this would be Lady Whistledown’s preferred method of eating pancakes — by toothpick with the utmost elegance that only British elders seem to possess.

Make mini pancakes and stack them in threes. (We recommend using a small spoon or tablespoon to help control portioning onto the griddle.)

Drizzle vanilla-flavored Easy Candy™ on top along with your favorite Fancy Sprinkles. However, if you take a maple-syrup-or-bust stance, sprinkling it with a little fancy sugar adds that perfect je-ne-sais-quoi to the stack to be sticked.

Lastly, stick each shortstack with a toothpick (or drink umbrella if you wanna get super whimsical) and serve by platter.

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3. The Best Brek-cuterie You Never Heard of

Source: Photo by @lifewithadaleegrace

Nothing beats a smorgasborg — especially when there’s breakfast food involved. This is definitely a favorite easy brunch idea.

Place small bowls of yogurt among a tray of fresh fruit, a mixture of sweet and savory morning pastries, and perhaps some macarons nearby for later.

Stir Fancy Sprinkles or Fancy Sugar into the yogurt to give it a delightful yet mild crunch and a hint of sweetness for dipping the fruit or mixing in granola.

Speaking of fruit, sprinkle it with Prism Powder® to make it pop! or transform the color (seriously — jaws hit floors when people eat Teal Topaz watermelon slices or Amethyst Purple pineapple that maintain their true flavors).

Lastly, top off anything else on the tray with a spray of Prism Powder® edible glitter (we have a handy little dusting pump for that) to make it beautiful without changing taste or texture.

4. Doughboy-shaming Pecan Cinnamon Rolls

Whether your favorite cinnamon rolls come pre-made or you swear by your grandmother’s time-tested recipe, both will work wonderfully for this brunchy gem.

And no offense to our grandmothers, but to us, putting your own twist on a well-loved family recipe makes it all the more special — especially when it gets passed down again.

If you’re buying pre-assembled rolls, follow similar advice as the shortstacks on sticks.

Add Easy Candy™ over the top and decorate with Fancy Sprinkles and Fancy Sugars to add a little texture (bonus points for other add-ons like marshmallows and chocolate chips)!

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5. Stroopwafels

Waffles in any form are great, but there’s some about a stroopwafel that makes it perfect for a first-thing bite.

Make a nütella sandwich with two stroops and top with Easy Candy™ and Fancy Sprinkles. Or, enjoy it open-faced with the whole gang — Fancy Sprinkles, Fancy Sugars, and Prism Powder®.

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6. Stealth Mocha Milkshake

If you’re gonna drink breakfast, nothing better than a milkshake, right? We call it “stealth” because if no one sees you taking the ice cream container out of the freezer, then it technically never left, and no one can prove otherwise to a jury of your peers.

The easiest version of this recipe (i.e. our favorite version) is:

  • Cold brew coffee, or coffee brewed the night before and refrigerated overnight
  • Flavored coffee creamer (we use Sweet Cream flavor)
  • A scoop of chocolate ice cream
  • Your favorite sprinkles (optional, to add a bit of texture)

Use either a standing or immersion blender and combine the ingredients until smooth. Top with Fancy Sprinkles and Fancy Sugar.

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7. Sparkling Smoothie

Breakfast is breakfast, even if it is through a straw. Smoothies are one of the best ways to put your accoutrements to use because thick liquids like smoothies allow for alllll sorts of colorful combinations.

For instance, if you’re using multiple Prism Powder colors, pour the smoothie into the glass in portions, briefly stirring each portion with its Prism.

8. Neon Mimosas

Finally, no boozy brunch is complete without the booze. Think Coachella, but in mimosa form.

We love mimosas because they’re so convertible to any bubbly drink that piques your tastebuds. For instance, swap OJ for peach purée (to channel our girl Ina, “if you don’t have a peach orchard growing in your backyard, store-bought is fine), and switch champagne for prosecco (apparently they’re different??) and you’ve gone from mimosa to bellini.

That’s all great and all, but bubbles need a “wow” factor. Curb appeal and aesthetics go a long way when it comes to brunch, so take it all the way with Fancy Sugars for champagne glass rims and Prism Powder® in the glasses.

Guests can either choose their own Prism color, or make it interesting by revealing the color upon pouring each glass of bubbles. Either way, they won’t leave disappointed.

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Your only limit is your stash.

We hope this sparked a few ideas for your next brunch get together, or made your list of things-to-make. When it comes to adding some aesthetics to boozy brunches or weekday bites, your only limit is how well prepared you (and your pantry) are.

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