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    Your Complete Guide to Using Edible Flowers in Spring Bakes

    Tips and Ideas on How to Use Edible Flowers

    If you’re unfamiliar with edible flowers, they can seem a little intimidating. After all, most of us are taught at a young age at least once or twice to not put plants in our mouths (or anything we’d pick up off the ground).

    Truth be told, edible flowers are stunningly versatile and can go on cakes or desserts, in drinks, frozen in popsicles, or with any other number of springtime snacks you daydream up.

    Here, we cover everything from how to use edible flowers to where to find them, and a couple do’s and don’ts for the road. By the end, you’ll have everything you need to start mastering the (ridiculously fun) art of the edible flower.

    1. Popsicles (or Boozy Popsicles)

    Hands down, one of the most refreshing ways in spring (and summer) to use edible flowers is to incorporate them into your homemade popsicles.

    Place the edible flowers into your popsicle molds, cover with the liquid popsicle mix, and freeze.

    If you’re making boozy popsicles, just be sure to add a larger ratio of mixer-to-alcohol so it can freeze completely.

    Glazed Doughnut Holes

    Image source:
    Photo cred: Shelly Tedghi @_bellabakes

    2. Drink garnishes

    It’s almost unfair how much of an impact this can make given the only action is placing one or two edible flowers on the surface of a beverage.

    We love to do this on warm evenings that call for a chilled drink on the patio, or dinner al fresco.

    Image source:
    Photo cred: Amanda Wong @seeyenbakes

    3. Swiss Roll (aka Roll Cake)

    As if we needed yet another reason to love roll cakes, we now have a bouquet’s worth.

    Here’s how you can decorate your cake with edible flowers. Place edible flowers face-side-down on a parchment paper-lined sheet pan. Cover with your prepared cake batter and bake as usual. Once you’ve removed the cake from it’s pan, cover with icing (and Fancy Sprinkles) and roll it slowly and gently into itself from one side to the other.

    The edible flowers will now be face-up decorating the surface of your rolled cake.

    Image source:
    Photo cred: Amanda Wong @seeyenbakes

    4. Jello Shots / Jello Bites

    Scientifically speaking, edible flowers in jello shots is the difference between college jello shots, and well-rounded adult jello shots.
    (¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

    Place the flowers in the molds first, then add jello liquid and refrigerate to set.

    Image source:
    Photo cred: Leslie Soto @downtothekrumb

    5. Cheeky Bakes

    Sometimes the only way to find the right words is to bake a cake and slap them on it.

    Edible flowers make lovely asterisks when the right word happens to be a four-letter one 🤬

    Image source:
    Photo cred: Leslie Soto @downtothekrumb

    6. Cakesicles

    Because what can’t you do with a cakesicle?

    Once the cakesicles come out of their molds, use Easy Candy™ to stick the flowers to the surface.

    Image source:
    Photo cred: Leslie Soto @downtothekrumb

    7. As an Instagram backdrop!

    Obviously if you’re going to make something as beautiful as edible art with flowers, it’s going on the ‘gram.

    We’re always in need of a new, fresh backdrop ourselves, especially for countertop creations. Edible flowers offer a lovely variety that you can position and move to create the perfect post (and show your ex how great your life is going without them).

    Image source:
    Photo credit: Lar Bailey @allformylittles

    Where You Can Find Edible Flowers

    Edible flowers have become more prevalent, so they’re fairly common to find in the produce section at grocery stores (usually with other packaged herbs), or you can also order them online.

    Last Minute Do’s and Don’ts

    DO rinse the flowers before you use/eat them, but be gentle, as the petals can damage easily.
    DON’T pick your own flowers. Not all flowers are edible, so we recommend sticking to the ones in the produce section that have been procured for you.

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