The Top 7 Ways We Love Using Prism Powder® Edible Glitter

The best part of Prism Powder® edible glitter is that it can go on or in anything you intend to eat or drink. Being FDA-approved as well as 100% tasteless and textureless, it’s a quintessential food and drink enhancer for any occasion, or even none at all.

There’s no wrong way to use Prism Powder® edible glitter. Seriously, it can go in drinks, on desserts, snacks, meals, anniversary dinners, lean cuisines, literally anything.

Here are our top seven favorite ways we’ve used Prism Powder® edible glitter and seen it creatively used from others:

1. Glitter Garnishes

A cocktail cherry garnish being dipped into a jar of Ruby Red Prism Powder.

Decorate your decorations. Adding a cherry to a Manhattan or a Shirley Temple? Douse it in Ruby Red Prism Powder® to make it sparkly af. Or change its outer shade entirely with a different color.

This also works with citrus wedges and rind spirals, melon, fresh herbs, starfruit, pickled veggies (for those bloody marys), and so on.

2. Glitter Cocktails and Mocktails

A sparkly pink summer cocktail with a citrus flower-shaped garnish

Easily one of the most popular ways to use Prism Powder® by far, add it to any beverage — fizzy, flat, on the rocks, shaken, stirred, or as virgin as they come.

Most commonly, people love to add glitter to their champagne, white wine or rosé, light in color or hazy beers, vodka-based cocktails, etc. It’s just as easy with regular daytime drinks as well, including seltzer water (or even still or tap), cranberry or apple juice, iced or hot tea, lemonade, crystal light, etc.

No matter your preferred beverage at whatever time of day, make it a fancy one.

3. Sparkly Ice Cubes

A large ice cube made of frozen rosé with Prism Powder and raspberries

Even ice cubes deserve a little pizzazz once in a while — even if your ice cube maker is automatic. Keeping a silicone ice cube mold on hand for those low-key get-togethers or special celebrations that deserve a little pomp and circumstance.

Say you get promoted at work — your congratulatory drink feels a lot more celebratory when it sparkles as much as your new salary.

And we’ll let you in on our favorite ice cube hack — they don’t have to be just plain frozen water. In fact, we love to freeze white wine or rosé so it keeps the glass of wine plenty chilled and doesn’t water it down as the ice cube melts.

Pro tip: Use one Prism Powder® color for your drink, and another in the ice, and as the ice melts, the colors will combine to change the color of your drink! For instance, if you mix a drink with Fool’s Gold and put Sapphire Blue in your ice cubes, your drink will evolve into a lovely shade of green.

4. Prism Powder Popsicles

A homemade pink popsicle with edible flowers frozen within it

If there was ever a time for glittery homemade popsicles, summer is it. All you need is a popsicle mold, Prism Powder®, and your popsicle mix of choice (fruit punch, lemonade, capri sun, etc.)

These take less than five minutes to put together, and a few hours later or the next day they are the perfect treat to cool down and put a sparkly twist on a classic summer treat.

We’re also not opposed to letting a grocery store popsicle melt in a bowl, and then adding the Prism Powder® and refreezing in a silicone mold with reusable acrylic sticks.

5. Jello Bites Like Mom Never Made

Say hello to the jello you never knew you were missing as a kid. If mom could have made it sparkly back then, trust us, she would have.

Whether you subscribe to individual portions or sheet-pan style, a couple taps of Prism Powder® edible glitter in pre-set jello adds an unexpected modern twist to an otherwise plain-jane treat.

6. Jello Shots With a Twist

A large ice cube made of frozen rosé with Prism Powder and raspberries

And now meet the jello shot in its fifth year of undergrad you never knew you were missing in college.

Combine pre-set jello mix with your go-to spirit, such as vodka, and stir in Prism Powder® edible glitter, or dust a little over the top of the jello after it sets. Bonus points for rimming the individual serving cups in honey and Fancy Sugar!

7. Glitter Dusting Top-Off

This may be last in the list, but it is certainly not the least of our favorite ways to use Prism Powder® edible glitter.

Use a Prism Powder® Dust Pump to evenly spray snacks, entire meals, or whatever you intend to eat. It adds a picture-perfect sparkle for that extra je ne sais quoi.


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