How to use Prism Powder

How to Use Prism Powder

How do you turn a standard gathering into the ultimate party? We have all gone back to enjoying our social life after months indoors, but there are still plenty of restrictions and cautions to keep in mind.

At the same time, life goes on - and there’s a lot of celebrating to be done! You might have to throw your party outdoors, invite fewer people, or host it virtually - but there are a few tips that can make the event memorable, fun, and unique.

Prism Powder, the edible glitter that is taking the party world by storm, is definitely a must-have addition to your decoration. Here’s all you need to know about using Prism Powder at your party - don’t miss out on a few tips to make the most of this super sparkly edible glitter!

What Is Prism Powder?

How to Use Prism Powder

Prism Powder is an exclusive and revolutionary glitter that is 100% edible and FDA-approved. Available in over 15 colors, Prism Powder is a glitter for drinks and food that can truly bring your party to the next level.

Aside from making your champagne flute sparkle, it can help you create a party theme and take Instagram-worthy photos of your banquet. Whether you wish to add it to your beer, cider, champagne, Prosecco, or experimental cocktail, you can be sure that this glitter for drinks will make a difference.

If you are not so much into perfecting your mixology skills, you can add our edible glitter for food to pastries, cakes, cupcakes, and more (you don’t have to bake them yourself to make them look amazing!)

Features and Ingredients

So, you are inviting a bunch of guests but you have forgotten to check their dietary requirements? No problem! Our Prism Powder is created to be suitable for all. As we have seen, it is totally edible and FDA-approved for consumption. But what’s more is that the list of ingredients short and simple:

  • Mica-Based Pearlescent Pigment
  • Dextrose
  • Rice Protein
  • FD&C Artificial Food Coloring

This means that our edible glitter is vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and halal. The cherry on top of the cake? Every ingredient in the formula is ethically and sustainably sourced!

What To Expect From Prism Powder

So, you have decided to give our Prism Powder edible glitter a try - but what should you expect? Will it ruin the flavor of the birthday cake it took you three hours to bake? Or, can it improve it? Luckily, we’ve thought this through! Our Prism Powder has no flavor or texture, meaning that your guests’ experience will be unaffected. So, you don’t have to worry about ruining an expensive glass of champagne or meticulously baked cake. 

How To Use Prism Powder

Our Prism Powder comes in 4-gram jars, perfect for adding the edible glitter into drinks or on foods. Each jar is enough for you to add sparkles to up to 18-20 drinks - enough for everyone at the party to enjoy it!

When adding Prism Powder to your drink, remember that it works its best magic if it is added to carbonated, clear-colored drinks - yes, would be perfect for Champagne!

If you have in mind a complicated glitter design for your cake or cocktail, don’t forget to buy a Prism Powder Dusting Pump, which can help you apply the glitter evenly, quickly, and without spills. 

Colors & Sets

How to Use Prism Powder

Prism Powder comes in a variety of tones and colors - each with a fabulous name! Our favorite ones include:

If you are unsure about the perfect color for your party, why not mix and match? Our three-color sets are unique palettes that can work as a sparkly inspiration for your theme gathering. 

A Few Ideas To Make the Most of Prism Powder

The uses of Prism Powder are endless - the only limit is your imagination! Here are a few ideas to make the most out of this exclusive edible glitter for food and drinks. 

Add Them to Your Bubbles

From birthdays to engagement parties, hen dos, and welcome home gatherings, bubbles are present to all celebrations. So, how can you make a simple flute of champagne or Prosecco special? Prism Powder is perfect for your glass of bubbles because the edible glitter works best in light-colored, carbonated drinks. So, you can enjoy a mini, glittery hurricane of sparkles in your glass. 

Theme Your Cocktails

How to use Prism Powder

Cocktails are essential to creating the right atmosphere. Creamy and topped with cream? You know that it’s Christmas! Fresh and citrusy? Nothing reminds us of summer more than this drink! 

Whether you choose Onyx Black glitter for Halloween drinks, Tourmaline Pink for a baby shower, or Ruby Red for Valentines, there is nothing better than Prism Powder to create the perfect theme. 

Add Them To Treats

From home-baked cakes to store-bought donuts, Prism Powder can add just the right touch to make the food special. All you will need to do is add a generous sprinkle of glitter over your cake, cupcake, or candies. 


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