A Summertime Frosty Fête

Skill Level
6 ice cream cones
Prep 1 min
Make 5 min
Total 6 min
Tools & Ingredients
  • Optic White Melting Candy
  • Into The Unknown Fancy Sprinkles
  • Moonstone Iridescent Edible Glitter
  • Store-bought Ice Cream Cones
  • Ice Cream
  • Maraschino Cherries [optional]
  • [2] Bowls
  • Ice Cream Scoop 
  • Cone Holder [optional]
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1. Prepare Fancy Melting Candy

Microwave Optic White Melting Candy according to bag instructions.

2. Dip Ice Cream Cones

Once warm, snip the tip and pour about ¼ of the melting candy into a small shallow bowl. Dip each cone one at a time to generously coat the edge of the rim.

Fancy Tip: Tap each cone with your fingers to remove excess melting candy.

3. Make It Fancy

In a separate bowl, generously pour out ¼ cup of Into The Unknown FANCY SPRINKLES® Sprinkle blend onto ice cream cone rims while tacky. Once all cones are coated with sprinkles, allow to set in the fridge until hard.

Fancy Tip: When adding sprinkles on the rim, add smaller sprinkles first, then add the larger shapes as desired.

4. Create Glitter Cherries

Strain and dry maraschino cherries on a paper towel. Dip each cherry in Moonstone Iridescent Edible Glitter. 

Fancy Tip: If cherries aren’t your vibe, use a clean paint brush to brush Moonstone Iridescent Edible Glitter onto Oreos.

5. Scoop and Serve

Saving the best for last! Add your favorite ice cream to each cone. Top with sprinkles and glitter cherries. Enjoy immediately.

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