3 Ways: Fancy Sugar Summer Treats [+ Bonus]

Tools & Ingredients
  • Chromatic Fancy Sugar
  • Tequila Sunrise Fancy Sugar
  • Mother Nature Fancy Sugar
  • 1-2 dozen Frosted Cupcakes
  • Ice Cream [Of Choice]
  • 1 Box Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • Assorted Ice Cream Toppings
  • No-Bake Cold Pie [Of Choice]
  • Summer Beverages [Of Choice]
  • Honey / Agave Syrup
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Whether it’s store bought or homemade, your cupcakes deserve to sparkle! 

Pour a generous amount of Fancy Sugar into a bowl wide enough for your cupcake. Dunk the cupcake head-first into Fancy Sugar.

Fancy Tip: Make sure your cupcake’s frosting is at room temp before dunking. This will help the frosting catch the Fancy Sugar to create a beautiful flat sparkly top.

02. Ice Cream

It’s not summer without some ice cold, creamy, delicious ICE CREAM!

Add a spoonful or two of Fancy Sugar for added color and crunch. Don’t stop there! Add other classic toppings, like a dollop of whipped cream and maraschino cherries. Want to add glam to an ice cream sandwich? Pour Fancy Sugar into a wide shallow bowl and dip exposed ice cream edges. Make sure to get all four sides! 

Fancy Tip: Make ice cream cones Fancy by melting one ½ cup of chocolate chips in the microwave until molten. Dip your ice cream cone, followed by a sprinkling of Fancy Sugar for edible pearlescent decoration. Let it set in the fridge before adding ice cream. Bonus points if you use Fancy Melting Candy!

03. Pies

Cherry cheesecake, key lime, Mississippi mud pie, and more… Cold, no-bake summer pies are always a hit to serve at a party! Add a little color and crunch with Fancy Sugar. Sprinkle desired amount of Fancy Sugar on the pie as a whole, or as you slice. 

Fancy Tip: Add fresh whipped cream to each slice and top it with a dash of Fancy Sugar.

BONUS. Beverages

Lemonade, cocktails, beer, or rosé. The summer beverages are endless! Make it Fancy with a festive decorated edible rim.

Add Fancy Sugar to a cocktail by pouring a generous amount into a shallow bowl wide enough to fit the rim of your glass. On a large salad plate, add a squeeze of honey or agave [1 tsp]. Use the back of a spoon to spread evenly. Dip and twist your glass into desired edible adhesive followed by the bowl of Fancy Sugar.

Fancy Tip: To get a perfect sugar rim, do not add a lot of honey or agave to your plate. Just a little on the rim is all you need for the Fancy Sugar to adhere.

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