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101: Your Guide To Fancy Edible Glitter

Q: How do you turn a standard gathering into the ultimate party?
A: Just add Fancy Edible Glitter! 

Fancy Edible Glitter is taking the party world by storm, and we've got all of the details on how to make the most of this super sparkly prismatic powder. 

What is Fancy Edible Glitter?

Fancy Edible Glitter is an exclusive and revolutionary powdered glitter that is 100% edible and FDA-approved. Available in over 15 colors, Fancy Edible Glitter is odorless, tasteless, textureless, and formulated for both food and drink. 

Pour up the showstopper! Add Fancy Edible Glitter to your beer, cider, champagne, or experimental cocktail to experience a glittery hurricane that always get guests talking.

Mixology skills aside, you can also dust our edible glitter onto food, both savory and sweet from appetizers to pastries, cakes, cupcakes, and more. Best part? You don’t have to bake them yourself to make them look amazing!

Hand holding cocktail with edible glitter

Features and Ingredients

Have dietary requirements? No problem! Fancy Edible Glitter is suitable for all lifestyles. The list of ingredients are short and simple:

· Mica-Based Pearlescent Pigment

· Dextrose

· Rice Protein

· FD&C Artificial Food Coloring

This means that it is vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and halal. Every ingredient in the formula is ethically and sustainably sourced.

What to Expect From Fancy Edible Glitter

Fancy Edible Glitter has no flavor or texture, meaning that your guests’ experience will be unaffected. So, you don’t have to worry about ruining an expensive glass of champagne or meticulously baked cake. 

How to Use Fancy Edible Glitter

Fancy Edible Glitter comes in a classic 4 gram size, enough for you to add sparkles to up to 18-20 8oz drinks. 

When adding edible glitter to your drink, the glittering colors show its best magic when added to carbonated, clear-colored drinks—champagne or sparkling water.

Fancy Tip:
For cocktails and mocktails, use our Fancy Micro-dosing Spoon Set for precise pours.

For food application, use our Fancy Dusting Pump to apply the glitter evenly and quickly.


Colors & Sets

Fancy Edible Glitter comes in a variety of tones and colors—each with a fabulous name!


If you are unsure about the perfect color for your party, why not mix and match? Our three-color sets work as sparkly inspiration for your theme.