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Give Mom a Break This Mother’s Day With These 5 Foolproof Ideas

Written by TARA BLOCK

Written by Tara Block

Say it with me: “mom needs a mother-effing break!” This past year has been a real doozy, and moms have had so much piled onto their already full plates — from managing households while working full-time jobs to keeping kids educated, safe, healthy, and entertained at home — they deserve at the very least to sit this Mother’s Day out. Short of a French getaway, finding creative ways to give mom a responsibility-free, relaxing, and (let’s face it) solo day to herself is how you can truly make her day très magnifique. So dads, listen up: here are a few foolproof ways to tell mom “je t'aime” by giving her the day off.

1. Send her a bouquet of flowers, so that she can literally stop and smell the roses.

This DIY floral bouquet kit ($90) from The Sill features a stunning array of blush, peach, and cream flowers and is perfect for creative moms. For something that lasts longer and packs a style punch, go for this vibrant preserved pampas grass arrangement ($72) from Farmgirl Flowers. Or give a mom with a green thumb something really outside the box, like this pineapple plant ($65) from Bloomscape.

2. Treat her to something sweet with a thoughtful gift.

La Vie En Rose Gift Box

For a bouquet that lasts a little longer than real flowers and tastes delicious, give mom the La Vie En Rose gift set ($36) from Fancy Sprinkles®. With decadent blends inspired by marigolds, carnations, and sweet tulips, she’ll be able to dress up her baked goods with this edible treat.

3. Let her sleep in.

Distract the kids by turning breakfast into a fun activity so she can enjoy a few more blissful hours of sleep on Mother’s day. Use D’or Gateau Kit ($34) or the Petite Sucre Kit ($34) from Fancy Sprinkles®, which come with everything you need to whip up something fun and tasty for mom, including easy recipes for sparkling “golden pancakes” and “little sugared strawberries.”

4. Bring her a refreshing drink — with a twist!

Use the Bonne Maman Set ($37) from Fancy Sprinkles® to add festive flair to her beverage of choice this Mother’s Day. She’ll be absolutely mesmerized with the glittering bubbles of her sparkling water (add a slice of lime to take it up a notch) or glass of Prosecco when you sprinkle in the champagne rose gold and silver Prism Powders® that come in the set. Top it off by rimming the glass with the Opal Rain fancy sugar blend to give it that je ne sais quoi.

5. Take the kids out for the day and leave mom in peace.

Head to the park, pack a picnic, go for a walk, or just take a drive with the kids so that mom can recharge and relax alone for once this Mother’s Day. If you’re really going above and beyond, create a little at-home-spa package for her, filled with a book she’s been meaning to read, some bath bombs, a bottle of champagne (and Prism Powder®), and a cozy robe or slippers for cozy lounging. Très bien!

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Mother's Day Collection

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