Fancy Halloween Haunted Manor Kit



Home, sweet home. Craft a creepily cursed (and 100% edible) haunted manor that sparkles like Edward Cullen this Halloween with the Fancy Halloween Haunted Manor Kit.


We’ve paired our microwavable Fancy Decorating Melts with Fancy Edible Glitter, Fancy Edible Shimmer, and limited-edition Memento Mori sprinkles to develop a DIY haunted manor building experience for creatives, families, friends, and Halloween enthusiasts.

What You Need:

  • Microwave
  • Serving board/plate/tray
  • Cooking Spray [optional but recommended]
  • Offset Spatula or Butter Knife [optional]
  • Fancy Magic Mat [optional]
  • Disposable Gloves [optional]


  • Watch the assembly process in action! Get the 411 on how to fill, remove, decorate and assemble your molds with resident FANCY SPRINKLES® expert, Emily Nejad.
  • Keep your haunted manor in a cool place, away from direct sunlight
  • Want to eliminate trace fingerprints? Wear a pair of disposable gloves while handling, assembling, and decorating your solid manor pieces. Using a barrier method on your hands will prevent your natural oils from transferring onto the chocolate.
  • Craving a bite? Turn your manor into a snackable ‘bark’ house.
1. Add a thin layer of Melting Candy to the bottom of the mold piece.

2. Crush up your favorite snack (pretzels, cookies, salted nuts, sprinkles, etc.) and sprinkle a thin layer into the Melting Candy.

3. Cover the snack pieces with a second coat of Melting Candy until the mold cavity is full but not overflowing.

4. Tap the mold repeatedly to allow the melts to settle into the cracks and crevices.

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    Good To Know

    View Halloween Haunted Kit Manor instructions HERE.

    How To

    What if my house pieces break?

    Simply glue back together with warm Fancy Melting Candy. If the fracture is at a point of no return, re-melt the solid melting candy to its liquid state, and add back to the mold to reset.

    What if I don’t have brushes?

    You can use other items such as a Q-tip, paper towel (rolled to a point), or even your finger!

    Does my Fancy Halloween Haunted Manor need to be refrigerated?

    No, it can be kept at room temperature. Avoid storing your house in direct sunlight or in high-heat rooms as it may cause your house to melt.

    Can I eat my Fancy Halloween Haunted Manor?

    Yes! All components of your house are 100% edible (and quite delicious).

    Can I reuse my mold?

    Yes! You can reuse your mold as many times as you’d like. You’ll need three bags of Fancy Melting Candy to create each haunted manor. Create a new design by using new Fancy Melting Candy colors, Fancy Edible Glitter, Fancy Edible Shimmer, and Fancy Sprinkles.

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