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Edible Glitter

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Prism Powder is Glitter Magic in a Jar

FDA Approved


100% Edible


Looks Amazing


No Flavor, No Texture

Prism Powder

How to Use Prism Powder

Ready to transform your drinks and food? Prism Powder edible glitter can be used in countless ways to upgrade your fave cocktails and treats. Learn how to use Prism Powder and get inspired — a little goes a long way!

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Prism Powder Edible Glitter

Now trending! Not all glitters are made equal. Prism Powder is flavorless, textureless, and FDA approved! Entertain yourself by adding it to your beverage, or entertain your friends by adding it to any food.  

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Edible Glitter
Cocktail Sets

Cocktail Sets

Did someone say Happy Hour? Our Cocktail Sets have everything but the liquids, giving you all the fancy additions to make Instagram-worthy drinks. In our sets, you'll find Fancy Sugars perfect for rimming glasses and Prism Powder to add magic to your drink of choice.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Cara V.

“This photographs well and is a super fun addition to your drinks!” - Cara V.

Gianna T.

“Who doesn't love edible glitter!?!? Love that this glitter shows well on cakes!" - Gianna T.

Laura S.

"Not sure how I lived before, def not my best life. So cute, so fun!" - Laura S.

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