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Bake Proof Sprinkles


Sprinkle Blends

These sprinkles taste as good as they look and are made from real ingredients, not wax like the other guys. Hand blended by our experts to provide you with the perfect mix of shapes and sizes to make any treat look like the pros. 

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Prism Powder Edible Glitter

Now trending! Not all glitters are made equal. Prism Powder is flavorless, textureless, and FDA approved! Entertain yourself by adding it to your beverage, or entertain your friends by adding it to any food.  

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Easy Kits

You don’t need to be a professional to make these kits, we promise! Our tried and tested Easy Candy Kits were created to take all the hassle out and bring the fun back. 

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What Our Bakers Are Saying


“The best Sprinkles I ever had...Not only great on cakes, but for so many other desserts!” - Ana G.


“I always have such a hard time with traditional candy melts, but this stuff really is so much easier to work with!" -Allison W.


"Everyone at the birthday party loved the beautiful sprinkles, not only were they beautiful but they tasted amazing!" - Franceska D.

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