Dark Magick Dipping Kit

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It’s been 300 years, right down to the day. Now the witch is back and there’s hell to pay! Create delicious dipped delicacies for the whole coven with our Dark Magick Dipping Kit. Use anything from your kitchen’s apothecary to charm the hats off of your precious pretties!

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      How To

      View Dipping Kit instructions HERE.


      1. Prep
      Tools Place Magic Mat or parchment paper on a baking sheet.

      2. Prepare Fancy Melting Candy
      Heat the melting candy in the microwave according to the bag instructions until smooth.

      3. Transfer Fancy Melting Candy
      Once melted, squeeze about 1⁄2 cup melting candy into a bowl.

      4. Dip
      Dip treats into the melting candy and swirl in a circular motion for even coating.

      5. Set
      Place on a lined baking sheet to harden. Repeat process for desired quantity.

      6. Drizzle & Decorate It Fancy
      Drizzle warm melting candy over the treats and decorate with Fancy Sprinkles. Let harden.

      7. Dust with Fancy Edible Glitter
      Finish with a delicate dusting of edible glitter for a glittery shine.