Haute Harvest Cocktail Decorating Kit

$20 Was $39

Haute Harvest Cocktail Decorating Kit

$20 Was $39

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Hey Upper Eastsiders. Your favorite holiday is here and what better way to celebrate than with our Haute Harvest Cocktail Decorating Kit. The glamorous trio of pumpkin spice flavored Sugar & Spice Fancy Sugar, paired with Fool’s Gold, and Carnelian Orange Fancy Edible Glitter was spotted bringing some extra sparkle to the pre-dinner cocktail hour in the Van Der Woodsen penthouse. Much like Serena’s exploits (and Queen B’s headband collection), she’s textured, sartorial, and enchanting. Spiced Cider at the Palace, anyone? We heard Chuck is buying. You know you love me.

Add edible glitter to still and carbonated beverages and spirits to create a glittery hurricane, or dust onto desserts and savory items for a sparkly finish. It’s FDA-approved, textureless, odorless, and tasteless.

Did You Know?
Fancy Edible Glitter is the only edible glitter that has been formulated for both food and drink.

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