Tie-Dye-For Pancake Decorating Kit

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Groovy, baby. Create colorful works of edible art for the breakfast table with our Tie-Dye-For Pancake Decorating Kit.

Fancy Disclaimer:

Did you receive a product in your order labeled “Prism Powder®️” or with a white lid? Well, lucky you! Our Fancy Edible Glitter labels are not yet in production as we move through existing inventory and rollout our updated lids. This is the same product, just in our original labeling.

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      Good To Know

      Precise, Measurable Drops

      For controlled color application

      Mess-Free Tip

      Convenient, needle-nose-design

      Bold Colors

      Vibrant and true to tone


      Unlimited culinary creativity

      How To

      View Pancake Kit Instructions HERE.


      What can I color with Jelly Hues?

      Jelly Hues can be used to color almost any recipe - even pancakes! Here are some popular things you can color with Jelly Hues:

      • Buttercream
      • Cake Batter
      • Royal Icing
      • Pancakes & Waffles
      • Candy
      • Rice Krispy Treats
      • Bark
      • Popsicles
      • Ice Cream
      • Milkshakes & Smoothies
      • Yogurt
      • Whipped Cream or Topping

      What is the difference between food coloring liquids and food coloring gels?

      Food coloring liquids are not as concentrated as food coloring gels. Therefore, you need less drops of food coloring gels to achieve bold colors. Jelly Hues are ideal for baking because the concentrated gel enables you to achieve bold colors with less drops, so it won't throw off your recipe ratios.

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