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Some Dirty Little Secrets About Fancy Sprinkles Founder Lisa Stelly

Written by TARA BLOCK

Written by Tara Block

Fancy Sprinkles founder Lisa Stelly is no Martha Stewart. For example, there’s the whole doesn’t-like-to-bake thing. This might seem surprising, considering she loves decorating cakes, so much so that she started her own sprinkles company. But Stelly is a bit of an enigma, wrapped in a Taco Bell burrito, inside a DaBaby shirt. Keep reading for that to make sense!

Tara Block for Fancy Sprinkles Magazine: What’s your biggest baking fail?

Lisa Stelly: Probably macarons. Something about me that most people don’t know is that I’m not a good baker. I actually don’t enjoy baking. I enjoy decorating. So most of the time if I make a cake it’s boxed cake mix. I’ve never made a good batch of cookies in my life. I don’t even attempt anymore. I blame my oven. Every time I make macarons they don’t come out right, and I follow everything perfectly. Baking is just kind of frustrating for me, which is why I like the hacks. I like buying a store-bought cake or store-bought doughnuts and just dipping them in ganache and sprinkles. It’s like semi-homemade. I’m not gonna wow anyone. I’m not gonna make, like, a passionfruit ganache tart.

TB: What’s your guilty pleasure?

Lisa Stelly: McDonald’s.

TB: What’s the last thing you impulse-bought?

Lisa Stelly: I decided to redo my playroom because I hated everything in there and my kids are so messy, so I bought a new rug, couch, and a storage bin.

TB: Are you into astrology? Do you feel like your sign’s traits are accurate?

Lisa Stelly: Absolutely. I’m a Pisces, Sagittarius rising, Taurus moon, and I fit the bill like 100%. But I’m more of a reformed Pisces. I think Pisces, as they get older, have more experience, and go through really bad shit and traumatic experiences, kind of get better. We learn, “you can’t do that, Pisces. You can’t do that anymore.” What we want to do naturally we have to fight against it. I’ve gotten better.

TB: How did you hold it together making those ASMR videos?

Lisa Stelly: I didn’t, I was laughing the whole time. I watch ASMR, that’s my dirty little secret. I watch the weird eating videos, the whole mukbang thing. I watch it all, I watch the gross ones where they’re eating live octopus and blood sausage. I don’t know why. I would never eat blood sausage, but I can’t stop watching it. I’m obsessed. The only one that I don’t do is the pimple popping videos. No way. But everything else is on the table. And I was like, our sprinkles would be really good to do ASMR with, and so we decided to film a couple of those videos, and people either love them or hate them. We kinda want to get back into it. We’re thinking about making a whole new channel just for ASMR. It’s really hard to eat all that stuff. You get sick. You have to spit it out. I was shaking from the sugar after. It was bad.

TB: On a scale of 1-10, how competitive are you?

Lisa Stelly: I like to say, I’m like an 8, but everyone who knows me is obviously a 10, you literally try to make yourself better than anyone else in any situation ever. Even if it’s something minor. I’m very competitive.

TB: What’s something you’re obsessed with right now?

Lisa Stelly: I can’t stop buying tracksuits and sweatsuits. Every single night I’m on trying to figure out what I can buy myself, what I can buy my boyfriend. They have a whole Air Jordan line that’s like ‘90s colors and I’m dead. For the last three nights, I’ve bought something on So I’d say that’s currently my obsession.

Lisa's Obsession With Nike's Tracksuits & Sweatsuits

TB: Favorite cocktail?

Lisa Stelly: Vodka soda.

TB: Cake or cookies?

Lisa Stelly: Cookies. I don’t really like cake. I only like two kinds of cake, tres leches and a triple berry cream. I don’t really like regular cake. It’s just not my thing.

TB: Binge or one episode at a time?

Lisa Stelly: BINGE. Oh god.

TB: What are you currently binging?

Lisa Stelly: The Crown. Then I’m gonna do The Queen’s Gambit, then I’m gonna watch the Fresh Prince reunion. I love period pieces. I don’t know why. I’ve seen everything. Downton Abbey . . . I’ve even watched all four seasons of Reign on The CW, which is like a teen medieval show that’s like the worst show ever, but I couldn’t stop watching it because I’m just obsessed with period pieces. I think I have a weird fetish with it. It’s very mystical to me.

TB: Store-bought or from scratch?

Lisa Stelly: To make? Store-bought. To eat? From scratch.

TB: Favorite dessert to make?

Lisa Stelly: Banana cream pie.

TB: Favorite color?

Lisa Stelly: Pink.

TB: Favorite movie that you watch over and over?

Lisa Stelly: The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan. I’m so obsessed with it. I’ve seen it like 100 times.

Lisa's Favorite Movie - The Great Gatsby

TB: Song you have on repeat?

Lisa Stelly: “Positions,” Ariana Grande.

TB: Favorite vacation destination?

Lisa Stelly: I’ve been to Hawaii the most, but I want to go to Mykonos. I just love the idea of Greece. I’d love to go there.

TB: Favorite ‘90s heartthrob?

Lisa Stelly: Devon Sawa, Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

TB: How would you describe your personal aesthetic?

Lisa Stelly: Gucci had a baby with Taco Bell. Justin Bieber had a baby with Nike. I’m just very casual, relaxed, but you know, I know what fits me well, and it’s not necessarily about what brand you’re buying. Half the sh*t I own is from Forever 21 or Amazon. I think everyone’s personal style just comes down to what you're comfortable in. Like [points to shirt she’s wearing] this is a shirt that says DaBaby, the rapper DaBaby, and I got this on Amazon because I saw Justin Bieber wearing it.

TB: That’s so on-brand for you.

Lisa Stelly: [Laughing] SO on-brand for me.

Lisa Stelly - Fancy Sprinkles Founder

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