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If you’re in need of essential cake baking tools, look no further than FANCY SPRINKLES®! We offer multiple tools from silicone baking molds and mats, to acrylic cake scrapers, dusting pumps, microdosing spoons, and more for all your decorating needs.


Add fine details and finishing touches to your cakes, cupcakes, and baked items with FANCY SPRINKLES® decorating brushes. Use them for applying Fancy Edible Glitter, blending watercolor on cakes, and more.


FANCY SPRINKLES® food-grade Dusting Pump is perfect for even disbursement of Fancy Edible Glitter. Simply fill the pump and spray! Sprays a fine layer of edible glitter on all food ranging from fresh fruit to popcorn, to treats and dessert.


Meet Fancy Magic Mat! FANCY SPRINKLES® non-stick multi-purpose food-grade silicone decorating mat makes creating, cooling and cleaning up a breeze. Best part? There is no limit to what you can create. Use our silicone baking mat as your go-to tool in the oven, fridge, and freezer for bakes to dinner, and desserts.


FANCY SPRINKLES® high quality silicone cakesicle molds are ideal for creating fun and unique varieties of cakesicles and shaped treats. Choose from a variety of different Fancy exclusive shapes: from our signature Halle Round Cakesicle Mold, to our Lana Mini Cakesicle Mold, Ariana Star Cakesicle Mold, Adele Candy Bar Mold, and more.


Get the perfect pinch of Fancy Edible Glitter with FANCY SPRINKLES® Fancy Microdosing Spoon Set! Each microdosing spoon accurately measures edible glitter, allowing you to create pretty, polished, and prismatic beverages with up to just two scoops per glass. Each set contains 8 spoons to prevent double-dipping and are a mixology essential in four fun and Fancy AF phrases. Who’s ready to pour up glittery cocktails and sparkling champagne?


FANCY SPRINKLES® Fancy Acrylic Cake Scraper gives you a smooth, even finish every time. Use our cake scraper to evenly spread, shape, and smooth buttercream and frostings like a dream. An essential tool to add to your baking arsenal.