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FANCY SPRINKLES® water-based food coloring gels create bold, high-intensity color in mess-free packaging using a precision tip. Our five essential hues will transform buttercreams, batters, icings, beverages, and more to your exact liking and with concentrated high-quality color. The tubes offer precise, measurable drops for controlled color application to your treats. 


Make colorful creations with FANCY SPRINKLES food coloring gel kits. Our bold, high-intensity water-based gel food coloring is mess-free with a precision tip. Are you interested in a colorful breakfast? We have an excellent tie-dye kit for pancakes! Interested in an easier sweet treat? We offer a bark kit that features our food coloring gels with melting candy, sprinkles, and a silicone baking mat. Creations are limitless with our food coloring gel kits, so show us what you’re made of!