FANCY SPRINKLES® is an edible arts company on a mission to completely revolutionize an outdated edible art and baking industry, one bite—or sip—at a time. We create innovative products and kits for food and beverages at the forefront of creativity so you can Eat Your Art Out™.

It all started when founder Lisa Stelly found herself at a crossroads in the baking aisle of her local supermarket. Her creative vision was stopped short by the all-too-predictable decorating section: rows of outdated “classics” in all the wrong colors, mushy, waxed-coated sprinkles, and those messy gel writing tubes reminiscent of toothpaste. A recipe for disaster.

Lisa’s supermarket shortcomings served as food for thought…and FANCY SPRINKLES® was born.

Turning frustration into Fancy fervor, Lisa relentlessly sourced distinctive confectionery products and gourmet adornments to create the world’s best sprinkles, candy melts, edible glitters, coloring gels, and more, proving pretty could also have personality, purpose, substance, and flavor.

After all, you are what you eat.


Our Bread & Butter

Catalyze Creativity

We inspire our audience to discover their power to create an amazing life. We create content that encourages, entertains, sparks curiosity, and educates in a way that is culturally relevant, relatable, and accessible.

Spark Inspiration

Through our innovative products, education, and fresh perspective, we inspire an industry and the world. We are full of life and revel in sharing discoveries and newness.

Celebrate Community

We fuel individuals around the world to express their creativity through our products, share ideas, and push personal boundaries that revolutionize true potential with help from a community that’s ride or die.

Meet Lisa Stelly


Lisa quickly started to build her sprinkle empire in 2016, turning her love for hobbies into entrepreneurial fuel and food for thought. She’s a mother to 3 girls, a reiki healer, an astrology nerd, and lifestyle personality who has mastered sprinkles down to an art. Lisa fused pop culture and her own creative intuition into a lifestyle brand that dares to be unapologetically different.


You heard it here first. We turn heads.

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