Original Sprinkle Blends

One-of-a-kind Decorations

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FANCY SPRINKLES® original sprinkle blends are a custom mix of crunchy jimmies®, nonpareils, sixlets, candy pearls, sugar shapes, mini glitter stars, and more. Make your delicious treats stand out with a wide variety of colors and seasonal themes to choose from. We’ll help make your celebrations, or self indulgences, taste and look like a million bucks. Add Fancy Sprinkles blends to cakes, cupcakes, pastries, donuts, milkshakes, and more and choose from our best-selling favorites: Unicorn Barf, Birthday Balloons, Let Them Eat Cake, and Bubble Bath.


FANCY SPRINKLES® classic sprinkles are just that, the classics! Choose from our crunchy jimmies®, to our rainbow nonpareils, pastel confetti, and more to give your treats a nostalgic touch. Made primarily from powdered sugar, our jimmies are never thick or waxy like the cornstarch alternatives. Treat yourself to crunchy toppers on ice cream and cupcakes, or folded into any funfetti recipe. Choose from a variety of colorways! From our classic rainbow, to chocolate, pastel rainbow, and unique deluxe.


FANCY SPRINKLES® professional series are available in silver, gold, and many more colors. Our Metallic Decorations line contains metallic dragees or rods which are coated in a silver or gold finish. The FDA has not approved this metallic finish for consumption, which is why this line is labeled as “For Decoration Only." These metallic sprinkles can be used in other ways. They are perfect for embellishing cakes, cupcakes, bark, and cakesicles and should always be removed prior to eating.