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We’re ride or die when it comes to our community of creators. Get to know the faces of Fancy!

Lisa stelly

Lisa Stelly is the founder & CCO of FANCY SPRINKLES®. As the Sprinkle Queen, she's mastered the edible art of decorating, putting FANCY SPRINKLES® on everything from baked goods and cocktails to pizza and fries. After all, life’s about balance.

Fancy sprinkles

FANCY SPRINKLES® is the edible arts brand for creatives. When no one is looking, we’ve been known to bake and decorate many a box mix, eat whipped cream straight from the can, and dip the unexpected in Fancy Edible Glitter.

Emily Nejad

Emily Nejad is a Chicago-based cake creative, teacher, and FANCY SPRINKLES®' Resident Color Queen. She is best known for her cake workshops, where she shares her love for beautifully designed cakes, great snacks, and a killer playlist!

Shelly tegdhi

Shelly Tegdhi is an LA-based content creator and culinary artist. She’s worked with some of LA’s best event planners, creates content full time with FANCY SPRINKLES®, and is best known for her creative macaron videos. Above all, Shelly’s sweet sidekick, Archie the goldendoodle, has her heart.

Kelly pettit

Kelly Petit is a cocktail recipe content creator based in Detroit. She loves to think outside of the box when it comes to her creations—always adding a dash of Fancy Edible Glitter any chance she gets!

Liz nicolaou

Liz Nicolaou is a UK-based content creator, self-taught baker, cake decorator, and recipe developer best known for her treats and chocolate bars. She started out with an emphasis on cakes, but now has a limitless skillset. Liz is seriously obsessed with all things FANCY SPRINKLES®, they make all things better!