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3 Ways: Sparkle Up Your Summer Entertaining

By Emily Nejad

If you’re a host like me, anything from a bougie baby shower to a backyard bash is a cause to turn up and turn out. My must haves? Delicious cocktails (and mocktails), classic, yet elevated, snacks, and your buddies…all glammed up thanks to FANCY SPRINKLES®

Yassify your summer gatherings with these three quick and easy ways to add that je ne sais quoi that will bring your party from being a cute lil’ girls night to a highlight on your bestie’s IG feed. 

Glitter Cherries

If you haven’t heard, The Dirty Shirley is the drink of Summer ‘22…like we needed another reason to add booze to everyone’s favorite childhood mocktail! Kick-it-up a notch with a glitter cherry (or two)! 

Your guests will obsess over these sparkly orbs of goodness with a stem, and they are STUPID EASY to make.

Here’s how: 

1. Take a classic maraschino cherry and lightly shake off excess syrup

2. Dip in your favorite Fancy Edible Glitter (My fav is the red-on-red vibe with Ruby Red!)

3. That’s it. Literally. Add it to your favorite cocktail, baked goods, or whatever your heart desires!

Cherry being dipped into a glass of edible glitter

Sparkly Ice

If you’ve been intimidated by shiny, sparkly, glittery ice cubes of mixologist-influencer land, don’t be! FANCY SPRINKLES makes it simple with their food-grade Fancy Edible Glitter and handy tools, upping your Old Fashioned game in no time. 

1. Fill your ice cube trays or molds with water

2. Use FANCY SPRINKLES’ Fancy Micro-dosing Spoon Set to add ‘just a pinch’ of your favorite Fancy Edible Glitter to your trays/molds

3. Stir, freeze, & enjoy in one of your favorite ice-cold cocktails!

Sweet ‘N Spicy Rims

If you don’t love a sweet ‘n salty combo, I have nothing for you here. But for all of you sprinkle snobs that love flavor, I gotchu with this tasty—AND pretty, rim! This creation is delicious with lots of different bevvies, but, personally, I love this combo on a paloma, marg, or any other citrusy tequila cocktail. 

1. Combine your favorite Fancy Sugar with tajín or coarse salt; equal part or to taste

2. Coat your rim with a lemon/lime juice or agave (for a little extra sweet ‘n stick)

3. Dip your glass in your sugar + savory mix to coat the rim

4. Fill with your cocktail and enjoy how your friends will obsess over your cocktail hour for years to come!

Fancy sugar being poured into a bowl
Glass being rimmed with an orange slice
Glass being rimmed in fancy sugar
Glass rimmed with fancy sugar

If you’re reading this, it’s a sign to be at the tippy top of your hosting game this Summer! Go forth and impress, Sprinkle Snobs!

Glitter containing edible glitter, fancy sugar rim and edible glitter covered cherries
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