Apple Dipping Kit + Edible Shimmer Instructions

What You Need
  • Fancy Edible Shimmer
  • Fancy Decorating Melts
  • Apples for dipping [rinsed and fully dried]
  • Acrylic Sticks [clean & dry with protective film removed]
  • Deep, medium-sized bowl
  • Fancy Silicone Baking Mat or parchment paper
  • Baking sheet
  • Fancy Brush Set for applying Edible Shimmer
Yields 6-8 Dipped Treats


1. Prep Tools

Place Fancy Silicone Baking Mat or parchment paper on a baking sheet. Remove the stem from each apple and replace with an acrylic stick until secure.

2. Prepare Fancy Decorating Melts

Heat Decorating Melts in the microwave according to the bag instructions until smooth.

3. Transfer Fancy Decorating Melts

Once melted, squeeze about 1/2 cup of Decorating Melts into a bowl.

4. Dip

Dip apples into the Decorating Melts and swirl in a circular motion for an even coating.

5. Set

Place dipped apples on the Silicone Baking Mat or a parchment-lined baking sheet to harden.

6. Apply Fancy Edible Glitter

Once hardened, dust an even, opaque layer of Edible Shimmer onto
each apple to create a beautiful metallic shine.

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