Fancy Halloween Haunted Manor Kit

What You'll Need
  • Microwave
  • Serving Board/Plate/Tray
  • Cooking Spray [optional but recommended]
  • Offset Spatula or Butter Knife [optional]
  • Fancy Magic Mat [optional]
  • Disposable Gloves [optional]
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1. Prep Tools & Melting Candy

Remove mold from the packaging and give it a good stretch to manipulate and loosen up the mold. This will reduce its rigidity and make piece removal easier. Hand wash and fully dry before use.

Brush Edible Shimmer into your mold to highlight any details, like windows, doors, and cracks.

Apply a light even coat of cooking spray to each mold. Wipe any excess oil droplets. The mold should feel slippery to the touch, but not flooded with oil.

Microwave the Melting Candy one bag at a time according to packaging instructions. We recommend melting the first bag and using it completely before melting the next bag.

2. Fill Molds

Cut the tip off the Melting Candy bag at the scissors line.

Fill each mold cavity one at a time with warmed Melting Candy; consistently tapping the mold toallow the Melting Candy to evenly distribute.

Continue to add Melting Candy in small amounts [as needed] until it has reached the edge of the cavity’s shape, creating a flat and level surface.

Tap the mold on the counter one final time to release any air bubbles that may be trapped.

Fancy Tip

Keep an offset spatula, straight edge, or butter knife handy in case you need to smooth or level off your mold.

3. Set the Fancy Melting Candy

Place mold on a flat surface in the fridge for 10 minutes or until completely hard and cool to the touch.

4. Remove Mold Pieces

Let the mold sit at room temperature for one minute before starting the removal process.

First, remove the smaller pieces, [like the windows and boards] by loosening the edges, then slowly pushing up from the bottom edges to push out each piece.

Then slowly loosen the long sides of each mold piece—these are the sturdiest sides, and by removing them first, you reduce the risk of cracking. Continue peeling back the remaining cavities’ edges, working from the outside of the mold inward.

If any pieces break during this process, no fret! Adhere them backtogether with Melting Candy or remelt the piece and add it back to the mold to reset.

After pieces are removed, trim off any excess chocolate to achieve clean lines.

Fancy Tips

Before handling the chocolate pieces, put on a pair of disposable gloves. Using a barrier method on your hands will prevent your natural oils from transferring onto the chocolate, aka fingerprints.

Start from the red arrows, peel the mold away from the Melting Candy to remove the pieces. Work slowly as pieces are fragile when cold.

5. Decorate

Before assembling your Fancy Halloween Haunted Manor, use clean brushes to decorate and dust the sides, windows, roof, and accessories with Edible Glitter and Edible Shimmer. Use warm Melting Candy to add desired sprinkle decorations.

6. Assemble

As needed, rewarm remaining melting candy in the microwave according to packaging instructions. Review Illustrated Assembly Instructions below, and assemble your Fancy Halloween Haunted Manor on top of a flat portable surface by adhering the mold pieces together using Melting Candy.

7. Decorate It Fancy

Apply additional Edible Glitter, Edible Shimmer, and Fancy Sprinkles to the fully-assembled house as desired and outlined in Step 5.

Assembly Instructions

1. Remove chocolate candy pieces from the mold prior to assembly

2. Apply edible decorations before assembling

3. Use Melting Candy to adhere pieces when assembling your manor

4. Adhere and sandwich the front panel between the two side panels, then adhere the back panel

5. Adhere roof panels to house

6. Adhere on windows and boards, add gravestone and decorate the haunted manor grounds

7. Take a photo and tag us on Instagram, @fancysprinkles

Fancy Troubleshooting

Q: What if my house pieces break?

A: Simply adhere back together with warm Melting Candy. If the fracture is at a point of no return, gradually re-melt the solid Melting Candy to its liquid state, and add it back to the mold to reset.

Q: What if I don’t have brushes?

A: You can use other items such as a Q-tip, paper towel [rolled to a point], or even your finger!

Q: Does my Fancy Halloween Haunted Manor need to be refrigerated?

A: No, it can be kept at room temperature. Avoid storing your house in direct sunlight or in high-heat rooms as it will cause your house to melt.

Q: Can I eat my Fancy Halloween Haunted Manor?

A: Yes! All components of your house are 100% edible [and quite delicious].

Q: Can I reuse my mold?

A: Yes! You can reuse your mold as many times as you’d like. You’ll need three bags of Melting Candy to create each Fancy Halloween haunted manor. Create a new design by using new Melting Candy colors, Edible Glitter, Edible Shimmer, and Fancy Sprinkles.

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