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3 Ways: Applying Edible Glitter

By Shelly Tegdhi
  • Fancy Brush Set
  • Fancy Dusting Pump
  • Fancy Micro-Dosing Spoon Set


1. Fancy Brushes

Fancy Brushes come with various sized brushes to help apply glitter. When using on cakesicle or chocolate bark, the larger sizes will help you get the most coverage! Lightly dip the tip into the Fancy Edible Glitter jar, and brush it all over for the ultimate shine!

Fancy Tip: To easily clean the brush between use of different colors, use a dry paper towel and brush any excess edible glitter until no more color brushes off of it. Lightly dampen and dry if needed.

2. Fancy Dusting Pump

The Fancy Dusting Pump is perfect for even disbursement of Fancy Edible Glitter. Simply use the mini funnel to add edible glitter to the pump, gently shaking or tapping the funnel so everything goes inside! Spray a fine layer of edible glitter on anything such as cakes or even popcorn!

Fancy Tip: Once the edible glitter in the Fancy Dust Pump runs out—or if you are ready for a new color.  you can use the funnel provided to transfer the edible glitter back into its original jar. Simply open the dust pump and pour it through the funnel back in the jar. Be sure to rinse the dust pump with warm water and fully dry it before adding a new color in.

3.Fancy Micro-dosing Spoons

Each Fancy Micro-dosing Spoon accurately measures a precise dose of edible glitter, allowing you to create pretty, polished, and prismatic beverages with two scoops per glass. Dip the spoon into your Fancy Edible Glitter jar and scoop until level. Add measured edible glitter to glassware and pour desired beverage to watch the magic unfold. Measure additional scoops as desired.

Fancy Tip: Use 1-2 doses for a single beverage for an opaque look, if you want to go extra bold use 3+ doses! For anything larger such as a pitcher, use around 7-10 doses. It’s always best to start out with a little and work your way up to your desired preference. Each jar yields 30, 5oz drinks.

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