Edible Glitter Packets BFF Set


The perfect pair. Our BFF Set includes both Opulust and Pretty Young Thing Fancy Edible Glitter Packets. Each individual set contains 10 multi-serve edible glitter packets conveniently packaged in a sleek portable carton.

    Edible Glitter On-The-Go
    Effortlessly transform any moment—and your drink—by adding FANCY SPRINKLES®️ Fancy Edible Glitter Packets to beverages, bubbly, and cocktails! With new packets, you can pour up an instant celebration with glittery beverages anywhere. From brunch and picnics in the park, to poolside sips and a night out in Vegas, Fancy Edible Glitter Packets are the new must-have party starter.

    Did You Know?
    Fancy Edible Glitter is the only edible glitter that has been formulated and FDA-approved for both food and drink. It is textureless, odorless, and tasteless.

    Fancy Tip: Pour it in. Let the party begin!
    When Edible Glitter is added to a sparkling beverage, it creates a bit of a bubbly reaction. So, take a sip or two of your blasé bevie before adding Fancy Edible Glitter so your cup won’t runneth over.

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        How To
        View Guide to Edible Glitter Packets HERE..

        How many servings per box?

        Each box contains 10 individual 0.5g packets. Each packet contains enough Edible Glitter for 2-3 drinks.

        How many colors come in each pack?

        The number of colors will depend on the set you purchase. Opulust: 2 colors (Moonstone Iridescent, Champagne Rose Gold), Pretty Young Thing: 2 colors (Tourmaline Pink, Amethyst Purple), Mystery Color Set (5 Mystery Colors)

        How do I open the packets?

        Tap the packet several times to shift the Edible Glitter to the bottom of the package. Then tear open at the notch.

        Are the packets resealable?

        Fancy Edible Glitter Packets are not resealable. We recommend you use them in one sitting.

        How long does a Fancy Edible Glitter packet last after it's open?

        We recommend using the full packet once it is open by gradually adding Edible Glitter to 2-3 beverages. If you do not use the full packet, we recommend disposing of it.

        What should I do if I get Edible Glitter on my hands when opening the packet?

        Simply wash your hands with soapy water to remove the glitter.

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