Bulk & Wholesale Sprinkles

Dreaming of selling Fancy Sprinkles jars in your bakery, ice cream or donut shop, cafe or store? Apply here and our wholesale team will review your application and reply within 1-2 business days.

Please note guidelines below before submitting an application.


  1. You must be a business with a state-issued reseller license that permits you to resell products in your store.
  2. $500 minimum for each wholesale purchase.
  3. Included in this program: our 4-ounce and 8-ounce jars of Fancy Sprinkles.
  4. Excluded: everything else we sell (e.g. bulk bags, Prism Powders, Toppers, Kits, Tools, Apparel).
  5. We are a wholesale sprinkles supplier but we do not allow wholesalers to resell our products online in the U.S. We welcome businesses wishing to sell Fancy Sprinkles in their physical stores.
  6. We do not offer an additional discount on bulk bags. We list our bulk bags at wholesale prices on our website so businesses of any size can order them with no minimum purchase required.
  7. We do not sell any products to individuals or businesses who wish to repackage our sprinkles or mix their own blends to sell under a different name.
  8. Shipping fees will be added to your wholesale order, because our website does not automatically calculate it for wholesale orders. We will do so and email you the shipping amount. We do ship internationally from the USA.
  9. Wholesale orders can take 1-3 weeks to ship depending on the size of the order and our current stock. If you place an order online that will take more than a few days to fill, we will contact you.

To Apply, please fill out the form below: