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Build Your Own Cookie Decorating Kit

Choose your favorite blends, colors, and glitters for custom cookie decorating

Step 1: Choose 1-2 sprinkle jars to decorate your cookies with. 

Step 2: Optional to add Jelly Hues food coloring gels to be able to customize the color of your frosting. (There will be leftovers)

Step 3: Choose an edible glitter color to add sparkle to your cookies. (There will be leftovers)

Step 4: Optional to add an icing sticker pack to embellish your cookies with.

Step 5: Optional to add on any of our tools. Our mat for baking and/or decorating your cookies on or our dusting pump for an even disbursement of edible glitter.

Note: Cookies NOT included.

Build Your Kit
Items: (Min: 3, Max: 4)