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Build Your Own Ski Chalet Kit

Choose your favorite blends, colors, and glitters to create a custom edible house

Step 1: Choose a sprinkle blend to decorate your house with. (There will be leftovers)

Step 2: Choose 3 melting candies to fill the house mold pieces. It takes three bags of melting candy to make one house.

Step 3: Choose an edible shimmer to add a metallic finish to your house.  (There will be leftovers)

Step 4:  Optional 1-2 edible glitter colors to add sparkle to the house. (There will be leftovers)

Step 5: Select the house mold to create your Ski Chalet House.

Step 6: Optional to add on any of our tools. Our mat for baking for decorating your house and the brush set for applying edible glitter or shimmer to the house.

Build Your Kit
Items: (Min: 7, Max: 10)