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201: Can I Airbrush That?

Join Emily Nejad, FANCY SPRINKLES® Resident Color Expert, in exploring Jelly Hues: Bold Necessities pack, where she tests airbrushing treats against the vodaka "shot" clock.

- Jelly Hues™ High Pigment Food Coloring

00:00 | Fancy As F*!&
00:41 | Intro
01:08 | Round 1 : Tiered Cake with Buttercream
01:43 | Round 2 : Fondant Sheet Cake
02:15 | Round 3 : Royal Icing Cake
02:44 | Outro
03:01 | ✨FANCY TIP✨

Color your world. Introducing Jelly Hues™: bold, high-intensity water-based gel food coloring in mess-free packaging with a precision tip. Our five essential hues transform buttercreams, batters, icings, beverages, and more to your exact liking and with concentrated high-quality color.


  • Abu Dhabi Purple
  • Montreal Red
  • Malibu Pink
  • Casablanca Orange
  • Dublin Green