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3 Ways: Decorate with Over-the-top Vintage Glamor

I know I can speak for everyone here when I say there is nothing that compares to the high of snagging a gorgeous vintage cake stand at the thrift store. Beyond picking out each pearl from your FANCY SPRINKLES® Unicorn Barf, check out these three nifty tricks for upping your vintage glamor game.

1. It’s All About HUE, Baby!

These days, my set of Jelly Hues Food Coloring Gels is getting a real workout! The brilliancy is unmatched, and each and every detail, from the packaging to dissolvability, is simply *chef’s kiss*. 

To create that sexy, mossy green of vintage lore, you gotta get a little nerdy with me and get into the nitty-gritty of color theory. I used just a touch of Casablanca Orange to soften the Dublin Green, resulting in this perfect sage-y vibe. If you’re into learning these techniques, and how just 5 colors can revolutionize your coloring game, make sure you’re tuning into Fancy As F*!&

P.S. In this home, we create gorgeous cakes that also TASTE delicious! Lucky for us, Jelly Hues Food Coloring is completely taste free without sacrificing ANY of the vibrancy.

2. Glitter Cherries

Nothing says vintage glamor like a maraschino cherry. Whether it's on top of your Old Fashioned or adorning a tiered cake, kick-it-up a notch by adding a glitter cherry (or ten)! 

Your guests will obsess over these sparkly orbs of goodness with a stem, and they are STUPID EASY to make. Here’s how: 

1. Take a classic maraschino cherry and pat off excess syrup

2. Dip in your favorite Fancy Edible Glitter (Check out this pink-on-red vibe going on below👇!)

3. That’s it. Literally. Add it to your favorite cocktail, baked goods, or whatever your heart desires!

Vintage Glamor Cake | Fancy Sprinkles
Vintage Glamor Cake | Fancy Sprinkles

3. Vintage Piping Techniques

DID YOU KNOW: Vintage piping spread across America in the late 1940’s after a budding cake entrepreneur named Dewey Wilton trained a bunch of soldiers who had returned from WW2 on the technique under the new GI Bill of Rights. You heard me right—those strapping young lads returned home from war and traded in their muskets for piping bags and then traveled all around the country teaching this new technique. 

I share that story to make this simple point: Don’t let the popular techniques of vintage piping intimidate you! You don’t need to be a creative genius to do vintage piping—you just need to practice. At risk of sounding overly gratuitous, I have the perfect resource for all of you who want to decorate a cake like your grandma and the grandmas before her!

Check out Vintage Mini Cakes, a recent episode of Fancy As F*!&, where I share the step-by-step process of: 

· The Open Star 

· Swags

· Shell Borders

· Alternating Shell Border 

· & A Fleur De Lis

And even a Fancy Tip: Piping Practice Hack.

Take a page out of my book the next time you host a trendy little gathering and watch your guests gush! Use one of these tips or use them all, and tag @FANCYSPRINKLES in your creations!

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