Bark Kit

Ingredients & Tools
  • Fancy Decorating Melts
  • Fancy Sprinkles
  • Fancy Edible Glitter
  • Jelly Hues™ High Pigment Food Coloring Gel [optional]
  • Fancy Silicone Baking Mat or parchment paper
  • Cutting board or baking sheet
  • Knife
Yields 10+ Servings


1. Prep Tools

Place Silicone Baking Mat or parchment paper on a baking sheet.

2. Prepare Fancy Decorating Melts

Heat the Decorating Melts according to bag instructions until smooth.

3. Create Bark

Option 1: Marble

Pour puddles of each color next to each other, then drag colors into one another with a toothpick. Tap the baking sheet to release air bubbles.

Option 2: Color Melt

Pour one color as the base, then drizzle other colors on top. Tap the baking sheet to release air bubbles.

4. Color It Fancy [Optional]

Add drops of Jelly Hues™ to warm Decorating Melts. Drag the colors throughout with a toothpick.

5. Decorate It Fancy

Before the Decorating Melts hardens, decorate with sprinkles, and dust with Edible Glitter.

6. Set The Bark

Allow the bark to set at room temperature, or in the fridge or freezer, until hard.

7. Decorate with Fancy Decorating Melts

If desired, drizzle warm Decorating Melts on top of the bark for additional color contrast. Allow time to harden.

8. Break The Bark

Gently trace triangles with the edge of a knife throughout the bark to create a shallow cut. Break apart the bark using the lines as your guide. Be mindful not to slice the Silicone Baking Mat.

Fancy Tip:

If the Fancy Melting Candy hardens while you are decorating, you can reheat it in small intervals to keep using.

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