Cocktail Kit

Ingredients & Tools
  • Fancy Sugar
  • Fancy Edible Glitter
  • Rimming liquid [we love using honey, agave or lime juice]
  • Beverage of choice
  • Glassware
  • 2 Plates
  • Micro-Dosing Spoons [optional]
Yields 30+ Drinks


1. Pour Rimming Liquid

Pour the rimming liquid onto a plate.

2. Dip Glass

Dip the rim of an empty glass into the rimming liquid. Less is more!

3. Pour Fancy Sugar

Pour the Fancy Sugar onto a separate plate.

4. Rim Glass

Twist the glass rim around the plate of Fancy Sugar until the entire rim is evenly coated.

5. Make It Fancy with Fancy Edible Glitter

Add a dusting or a scoop of Edible Glitter using your microdosing spoon into the glass, then pour your beverage of choice. Stir to reveal a colorful glittery hurricane.

Fancy Tip:

Mix and match Edible Glitter colors with Fancy Sugars to get a range of colorful cocktail combinations.

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