Hot Chocolate Stirrer Kit

Ingredients & Tools
  • Fancy Sugar
  • Mini Marshmallows 
  • Milk Chocolate Flavored Fancy Decorating Melts
  • Hot Chocolate Stirrer Mold 
  • Fancy Acrylic Sticks
Yields 9+ Hot Chocolate Stirrers


1. Prep Tools

Wash and air dry hot chocolate stirrer mold. Remove clear plastic liners from acrylic sticks.

2. Prepare Fancy Decorating Melts

Heat Decorating Melts in the microwave according to the bag instructions until smooth.

3. Fill Mold

Fill each mold cavity to just below the edge.

4. Trim & Trap

Scrape off any excess Decorating Melts on the lip of the mold and tap to remove air bubbles.

5. Decorate It Fancy

Sprinkle Fancy Sugar and mini marshmallows on top of the milk chocolate cavities. Lightly press down toppings into the warm Decorating Melts.

6. Insert Fancy Acrylic Sticks

Place one stick in the center of each filled mold cavity. This will act as the stick for your stirrer.

7. Set Mold

Place mold in the fridge until hard.

8. Remove Stirrers

Gently peel the silicone mold back from each cavity to remove the hot chocolate stirrers.

Fancy Tip

Create a delicious mug of hot chocolate by heating 6oz of your milk of choice. Place the stirrer into the cup and incorporate until fully melted to reveal a custom warm beverage.

Fill the stirrer mold cavity with 1 tsp Fancy Sugar before adding Decorating Melts to create a crystal-like formation on the bottom of your stirrers.

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