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101: Your Guide to Fancy Decorating Melts

What is Fancy Decorating Melts?

Fancy Decorating Melts is meltable confectionery chips in a microwavable piping bag.

How to Use Fancy Decorating Melts

Step 01. Heat your Fancy Decorating Melts bag in the microwave for 30 seconds. Remove and knead to distribute the heat. Repeat.

Step 02. Use the bag just like a piping bag.Snip a smaller hole to drizzle, or a larger hole to pour into a bowl for dipping.

Step 03. Decorate: drizzle, pour, or dip



How are Fancy Decorating Melts different from other candy wafers or melts?

  • EASE OF USE: Fancy Decorating Melts come in a ready-to-heat microwaveable bag to ensure your candy melts evenly every time. 
  • LESS MESS: You do not need to set up a double boiler or dirty a bowl. Heat the bag, snip the tip and you’re ready to go.
  • TIME: Fancy Decorating Melts are quick to melt.

How are Decorating Melts different from chocolate?

Decorating Melts are a chocolate compound and contain less cocoa butter than chocolate. Many bakers prefer a compound instead of chocolate because it’s less fragile, easier to work with, and more consistent than chocolate. They also don’t have an overwhelming chocolatey flavor that can sometimes compete with the flavor of whatever you’re coating.

What if my Decorating Melts arrive already melted?

One of the great benefits of Fancy Decorating Melts is that they can be reheated! Sometimes in transit, the product may partially—or even fully—melt and re-harden due to varying temperatures. Your bag is perfectly fine and ready to use. Simply heat following the instructions on the bag and use as normal.

Why aren't my Fancy Decorating Melts melting?

You may not be heating long enough. The melts must be WARM, not HOT. The wafers will still look whole after you heat them for the first 30 seconds.

Once they’re warm, knead the bag until the heat is fully distributed and the wafers are evenly melted. It is important to knead them as much as possible to distribute the heat throughout the bag.

My Decorating Melts seized up because I overheated them! Can I fix this?

Yes! If it has seized, meaning it has hardened and isn’t smooth, pour it into a bowl, add a dash of vegetable or coconut oil, and stir. This will cause the sugar to melt again and regain its fluidity.

Why do my Decorating Melts have the consistency of fudge? How do I avoid this?

It could mean that the wafers absorbed trace amounts of moisture or that they were overheated. If you encounter this consistency, try adding a dash of vegetable or coconut oil to thin out the mixture.

Sometimes I see a white film on my candy chips. What is this?

It is called “fat bloom” and it is very common!

It is often found on wafers that have been stored in a place with inconsistent temperatures. It occurs when the fat from the candy has separated due to the temperature change and then re-settles on the surface. There is nothing wrong with the quality of the candy and as soon as it is melted, the fat will mix back in and you will no longer notice it.


How should I store my Fancy Decorating Melts?

Store your Fancy Decorating Melts in a cool, dry place or airtight container. 

Do not store it in the refrigerator or freezer.  The only time you should place your decorating melts in the refrigerator is when you are waiting for the candy to set in a mold or on a finished product.


Are Fancy Decorating Melts peanut-free?

All of our candy chips are peanut-free, however, they may contain trace amounts due to common processing equipment.

Are Fancy Decorating Melts free of coconut oil?

Yes. Fancy Decorating Melts are free of coconut oil.

Are Fancy Decorating Melts Gluten-Free?

Yes. Fancy Decorating Melts are gluten-free.

Are Fancy Decorating Melts Dairy-Free?

No. Fancy Decorating Melts contains dairy.

Are Fancy Decorating Melts Soy-Free?

No. Fancy Decorating Melts contains soy.


Do I need to spray my mold with non-stick oil before using it?

We do not recommend spraying the mold with any kind of cooking or non-stick oil. The Decorating Melts should not stick to the mold.

If I’m using a silicone mold, how do I make sure the coating appears smooth and scuff-free?

Make sure your Fancy Silicone Mold is clean before using it—any kind of scuffs or residue inside the mold will decrease the shine of the finished product. Clean the mold with hot soapy water first. Dry completely before using.

After pouring Fancy Decorating Melts, how soon can I take it out of the mold?

Let it chill in the mold for 10-15 minutes in the refrigerator. Check to make sure it is set before trying to remove it from the mold by tapping it. If it’s hard, it will have no give.

How can I tell if the Decorating Melts are finished setting in the mold?

It is ready to take out of the mold once it is firm to the touch.

How do I prevent excess chocolate from forming around the edges of my mold?

After evenly swirling the melted candy around in each cavity, flip the mold over and pour the excess candy out.

Some professionals like to use a paintbrush to brush the candy up the sides of the mold for precision. You can also run a large baking spatula over the top to scrape off any extra.