You’ll Be Crushing HARD on Fancy Sprinkles’ Seductive New Valentine’s Day Collection

Written by TARA BLOCK

Written by Tara Block

Sexy. Sweet. Obsessed. Strap in, Fancy fans, the new Valentine’s Day collection is sugar-coated seduction.

“I have to draw inspiration from somewhere, and it can’t always be baking or cakes,” said Fancy Sprinkles founder and CCO Lisa Stelly. “I have an entire running theme whenever I make a collection, and it just so happens that most of the collection was basically based off of sexual undertones.”

Stelly creates mood boards for all of her collections, and glancing through her latest inspo collages, you fall down a rabbit hole of all things dreamy, luxurious, and risque. This season’s sprinkle blend inspiration ranges from a ‘90s teen girl’s bedroom (Truth or Dare) to a vintage pin-up take on tea time (Queen of Hearts), and they all hit that sweet spot between naughty and nice — with a few cheeky innuendos thrown in.

“There’s one called Daddy’s Girl,” said Stelly. “It can be taken like the Clueless daddy’s girl with the credit card or it could be taken as like a sugar daddy, sugar baby situation. It’s just funny either way. I art directed the photo shoot, and I had the photographer put my name on the black card. I’m still going with the gold digger joke from the Christmas commercial. It’s just stupid, you know [laughing]. Half of the stuff we do is just to make ourselves in the office laugh, truly.”

(Daddy’s Girl)

While Daddy’s Girl has your classic red, pink, and white color scheme (with hearts, stars, and pearls galore), the red, white, and silver blend Cuff Me is an edgier take on the holiday. Think: red latex, silver chains, neon signs, and disco balls.

“It reminds me of the Rihanna song ‘S&M,’” said Stelly. “I was thinking when I was putting all the silver rods and dragees in the blend, this reminds me of silver handcuffs.”

(Cuff Me)

Crushed is the ultimate cool-girl blend, a mix of metallic rods, hearts and stars, crystals, and pearls in hot pink, red, lavender, and gold. “For the art direction, I really wanted to do Euphoria vibes,” said Stelly. “I wanted a watery background, glitter on the skin, sort of hazy.”

(Drunk in Love)

Drunk in Love is heavy on the purple and lavender, a blend of hearts and stars, pearls, jimmies, and sixlets. It’s short-lived romance, boozy nights, and silk sheets.

“My inspiration for this one was dating apps,” said Stelly. “When you’re on a dating app in a non-pandemic world, it’s like, let’s go get a drink. It’s just swiping, dating, and then you go on a date, and you never hear from them again because everyone ghosts each other. But just for that night, it’s hope.”

But wait, there’s more! Hot off the presses, this year’s Valentine’s Day collection will include three kits, which will feature a brand-new product from Fancy Sprinkles, along with molds, sprinkle blends, and prism powders. Check back in a couple weeks for more!

If you can’t tell already, Stelly has put a lot of thought and attention to detail into Fancy Sprinkles’ 2021 Valentine’s Day collection, and she’s confident the Fancy fam will be swooning over all the new products.

“This is actually one of my favorite collections I’ve ever done because I went with what people loved last year and I just beefed that up,” Stelly said. “I think people will love it because it’s last year’s on steroids.”

If you want to step into Stelly’s vision for the collection, she’s also exclusively sharing her hot and heavy Fancy V-Day playlist on Spotify. Now light some candles, this is a MOOD.


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